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Our Story

Red Flowers
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In a worldly generation where fame and clout define success, I, as designer, prefer anonymity and place my focus on the fine art of production.

Fashion is my form of self-expression.  

How it all started

I was  introduced to fashion at an early age through my mother, who took pride in her personal style by constantly adding chic accessories or couture to her ensemble. By the time of 1st grade I was putting together my own outfits out of hand me down clothes from my cousins. As a child, I recall being  excited when my cousin gave away her clothes because her mom always bought her the good stuff. I have been fond of all types of art especially paintings and music. It never dawned on me to create my own clothes until I turned 15 yrs old. At that time, I questioned myself, "why cant i make my own clothes?" Seeing people at school, church and the mannequins in the windows of boutiques made me want to embrace my personal style even more. The Goodwill became my go-to for clothes because i knew that I would find clothes that would complement other pieces of clothing i already had. The affordability was also a draw. I started to notice I was creating a lifestyle through the way I dressed and people started to complement my style frequently I figured if people compliment my style now, how excited would they be if they could have them as their own? 


By June 2016 J.Lexi Designs & Co. was born in Los Angeles, Ca for everyone to enjoy. This is a label of love made from a dream and hard work.

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